Where New York Stands on Marijuana

Photo Credit: Eduardo MunozAlvarez/VIEWpress/Corbis, via Getty Images "For months, legislators in Albany, spurred on by criminal justice reform groups, debated various ways in which New York could legalize marijuana, just as states like California, Washington and Alaska had done." Read [...]

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Cuomo Signs Law Decriminalizing Marijuana Use in New York

We are almost there! This is a big step, especially from Cuomo, who was against marijuana legalization up until very recently. Even if it's just to get voters on his side for re-election, it's the right stance on the issue. [...]

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Senate Decriminalizes Marijuana Use In New York State

We are making progress. Legalizing marijuana / cannabis is not only good for cannabis users, but also those locked up from the antiquted drug war laws. This step towards legalization is a step towards freedom and rethinking our society. Good [...]

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Rep. Jeffries & Sen. Schumer Talk Weed Decriminalization in Brooklyn

This article just came through BKLYNER. Exciting times. We are almost there. Weed / cannabis has so many uses. We believe in cannabis education and healthy use. Read the article about decriminalization of marijuana in Brooklyn. Check out the Marijuana [...]

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